Sticker Editor — Create Your Own Stickers

Sticker Editor

Starting today, anyone can quickly create stickers and entire sticker sets using a new powerful editor — without leaving Telegram.

Make a Sticker

Just take any photo and add text, drawings — or countless animated stickers, emojis and GIFs that exist on the platform. Turning cats into visual art has never been easier in the history of humankind (and catkind).

It takes just one tap to cut out objects and remove the background. You can manually erase and restore parts of your photo – or add an outline for that classic sticker look.

Create Sticker button

To start making stickers, open the sticker panel from your input field in any chat, then tap the inviting (+) button.

Add It to a Set

When you're done, simply send the sticker – or create a sticker set so that friends can reuse your cut-out cats in their chats.

To add a sticker to a set, choose the emojis that describe its emotion. Telegram will also use AI to suggest you emoji based on your image — like a cat, dog, or car.

On Telegram, emojis act as shortcuts for stickers. When you type an emoji in a chat, Telegram automatically offers matching stickers you can send.

Expand your Set

Since 2015, millions of artists and meme-makers have been using Telegram's open platform to share their creations.

You can add any existing stickers to your custom sets. For example, to bring all your favorites together in one pack — or to create themed collections.

Share your Sets

To share your sticker sets, just send someone one of the stickers. They can tap it to add the whole set. Each set also has its unique link.

With this update, we've added neat link previews for all sticker and emoji sets.

We'll also announce 16 more new features this month, but first — don't you have some stickers to make?

April 14, 2024,
The Telegram Team