Autoplaying Videos, Automatic Downloads and Multiple Accounts

Autoplaying Videos and New Automatic Download Settings

Today's update will make Telegram chats livelier with Autoplaying Videos. Smaller videos will start playing without sound when they reach your screen. To unmute them, simply press the volume buttons on your device.

If you like to be in control of your data usage, try the new auto-download settings. It‘s easy to see your current settings at a glance and we’ve added a new quick way to switch between Low, Medium and High presets for Mobile, Roaming and Wi-Fi.

You can also manually set up automatic downloads by chat type, media type and file size. The app will remember your choices as the Custom preset in case you need to temporarily switch to Low and back — or the other way around.

To Each According to Their Needs

Default settings for data usage have become more generous but depend on the affordability of mobile data in your country. We know that in some places it's easier to buy an aircraft carrier than download an extra 20MB (looking at you, Ethiopia). Telegram will try to download less data for users in such countries.

On the other hand, if you're likely to have a monster data allowance, Telegram will try to save you from tapping the “download” arrow too often.

These new default limits for automatic downloads are not set in stone. Starting today, we can change them remotely, based on your feedback and the cost of data in each country.

To Log Out or Not to Log Out?

New users often bring their logout habits from other apps and don't realize that this is rarely necessary on Telegram. To help them find their way around the app, the logout menu now shows several alternative options to logging out:

Logout Alternatives

Logout Alternatives

Multiple Account Support

Some of us have several phone numbers and multiple Telegram accounts: one for work, another strictly personal and a third one provided by benevolent aliens along with instructions to never use it except in a planetary emergency.

You can add all these accounts to your app and easily switch between up to 3 phone numbers without logging out.

Add account

Add Account in Settings > Edit

If you've added several accounts, you will receive push notifications for all of them. Notifications will include information on which account they were sent to. You can also tap and hold on an account in Settings for a sneak peek of its chats list:

The multiple accounts feature was born in Telegram for Android and is now also available on iOS. We hope your alter-egos will be pleased.

February 26, 2019,
The Telegram Team

Chat Backgrounds 2.0: Make Your Own

Telegram 5.3: Introducing the Backgrounds Platform

No chat can be dull if you have a really cool chat background. Today's update will ensure you get one. You can now search the web for wallpapers, add effects and then share your backgrounds with friends via links.

Telegram backgrounds now support motion and blur effects. You can also set any color as your background, apply a pattern and tweak its intensity.

Just like before, you can set any photo from your gallery as your chat background. On Android, you can add some extra effects in the built-in photo editor.

Share links

Having used this new arsenal to create the perfect chat background, you can easily set it to Telegram on all your other devices. What's more, you can infect the rest of the world with your genius by sharing your background via a link, just like this one:

Message containning a Telegram background

Search backgrounds

If you don‘t feel very creative and would like to simply set something nice real quick, we’ve added new backgrounds to the official selection.

We've also included a background search option. Find your dream wallpaper based on keywords or color and then set it in just a few taps.

Background Search Results

We're also announcing the Instant View 2.0 Template Competition: two months, $300,000+ in prizes, $100 per template. See Instant View Contest 2.0 for details.

January 31, 2019
The Telegram Team

Group Permissions, Undo Delete and More

Introducing Telegram 5.2: New permissions for groups, unified group settings, undo deleting chats and more

Ever wanted to run a sticker-free or GIF-free community? With group permissions, admins can now restrict all members from posting specific kinds of content. Or even restrict members from sending messages altogether – let the admins chat amongst themselves while everybody else witnesses their wisdom in silent awe.

In case you ever felt lonely in a group with 100,000 members, Telegram groups now support up to 200,000 members – so now you can feel twice as lonely 🙃. To make managing groups more enjoyable, we've streamlined all group interfaces, including the Settings screens, Admin panels and Member lists.

New group, redesigned empty screen

A newly created group

As of today, supergroups and basic groups are simply groups. It now takes just a few taps to make any group public, add admins with granular privileges or toggle persistent history.

Have fun bossing around groups the size of the city of Kassel!

Undo clearing history and deleting chats

Deleting the wrong chat is rarely fun – but now you'll have a chance to reconsider.

When you delete a chat or clear chat history, you'll get a detailed confirmation dialog and an option to restore the chat within the next 5 seconds. Once the time is up, the chat is irretrievably lost in the jaws of Telegram’s underground data shredders.

If you relied on “I accidentally deleted the chat with my homework” in your studies, please accept our apologies. From now on, you'll have to blame your digital dog.

Sort your contacts

Back to the topic of bossing people around, you can now sort your contacts by name and by last seen time on both iOS and Android.

Sorting contacts on iOS


Sorting contacts on Android


Thumbnails and download animations

Waiting for large media downloads to finish ranks very low on the list of “The Most Exciting Things to Do Online”. We decided to spice this process up a bit by improving our animation algorithms and adding an ultra-light thumbnail to each photo and video:

From now on, every photo you receive will start its life as an obscure blur instead of an empty square. Isn’t this just beautiful?

Search bars, dark mode and moar profile pics

Search bars on Telegram for iOS and the default dark mode theme on Android got some face-lifting. The Android app also allows you to set up a profile picture when you create an account, so expect to see more friends with faces from now on.

Meanwhile on Desktop…

The new group permissions also work in Telegram Desktop. Additionally, version 1.5.8 introduces support for automatically downloading files and music and choosing input and output devices for Telegram Calls.

Last but not least, you can now change your visuals before heading into an emoji fight:

Choose your emoji on Telegram Desktop

Choose how you see emoji on Telegram Desktop

Another glorious Telegram update is coming in a week or two, so STAY TUNED!

January 21, 2019,
The Telegram Team

Polls: Bringing Choice to Communities

Large communities on Telegram frequently use polls to coordinate their activities and stay in touch with their members. Today, we're rolling out a dedicated tool for polls in addition to existing bots like @vote. We hope the new built-in polls will be a welcome addition to groups with 100,000 members and channels with millions of subscribers.

Polls can be forwarded to increase reach and pinned for better visibility (and also to notify all members of the community).

At the moment, polls are anonymous, meaning that no one can see who voted for what. Going forward, we may introduce non-anonymous polls where the voters lists will be public, but such polls will be explicitly marked as non-anonymous.

Telegram has your back when it comes to privacy: we never disclose the private data you entrusted us with to third parties and never monetize it.

Image Search and Other Improvements on iOS

Back to more mundane matters, you can use Web Search again to find images when sending Photo & Video attachments or choosing profile pictures in our iOS app. Setting a Grinch avatar for Christmas has never been easier:

The Great iOS Bug Hunt goes on and the app received numerous fixes in version 5.1.1.

To name a few improvements: Clearing the cache in Settings > Data and Storage > Storage Usage now correctly reduces the space taken by the app. Files and media will keep downloading for a while after you close the app. You will see detailed progress when downloading and uploading files. We've also added online indicators for the ‘People’ section in search results.

Happy Winter Solstice!

December 22, 2018
The Telegram Team

Custom Languages, Instant View 2.0 and More

Introducing custom languages, IV 2.0, a new design for Android and more

Telegram's Translations Platform allows you to suggest better wording for Telegram interfaces in any language. We've recently rolled out support for most mainstream languages, and translations are already underway.

Today's update brings equal treatment to the smaller linguistic communities around the world. Anyone can now use the translation platform to create their own custom language packs – and translate Telegram into any minority language or local dialect, be that Māori, Scottish Gaelic or Transliterated Klingon.

We've made it easy to spread your translations. To translate the interface of your app, simply follow the dedicated sharing link of the desired language. Sharing links can be obtained in the translation panel.

Applying a custom language

Each language also gets its own public group for discussions. Here are the links for the Catalan language, for example:

Once a user switches to your translation, all changes you apply in the interface will be applied immediately. The days of waiting for the apps to update or passing around localization files are over.

Instant View 2.0

Another unique feature of Telegram is the Instant View technology that allows Telegram users to view web pages in a consistent way, with zero loading time.

Today we're expanding the platform with support for right-to-left languages, blocks of related articles, image links, tables, nested lists, horizontal scrolling, collapsible text blocks and much more.

Now you can get beautiful instant view pages for even very complex articles. If you're reading this from one of our newly updated mobile apps, try this Wikipedia page for an example.

Soon we will announce a new crowdsourcing contest to make Instant View pages available for an even larger part of the internet.

The Great iOS Bug Hunt

We've made close to a thousand fixes and improvements to the iOS app since the major release of version 5.0. The new Telegram for iOS 5.1 features some 400 minor improvements.

New Design for Android

Telegram for Android has now reached version 5.0 and received a major overhaul in the design department. It is now much easier to access shared media from the profiles of users, groups and channels:

Shared media now offers high quality crisp previews, increased loading speed, more info in the links and files sections, and more efficient design.

Shared Files

The Settings screens were redesigned for a more streamlined experience:

Following in the footsteps of the iOS app, Android users can take advantage of the new detailed settings for the badge counter in Settings > Notification and Sounds:

Badge Counter Settings

We've upgraded the photo selector for profile pictures so that you can choose the correct head to be displayed on your profile:

Choose an area to use for the photo

Last but not least, you can zoom videos during playback and browse full-resolution images sent as documents just like normal photos, by swiping left and right.

December 10, 2018
The Telegram Team

Introducing Telegram 5.0 for iOS

For the last couple of years we've been quietly rebuilding Telegram for iOS from scratch with Swift – a programming language released by Apple as a faster alternative to Objective C.

Today Telegram 5.0 goes live for all our iOS users, becoming the most popular messaging app written fully in Swift. This new version of Telegram looks just like the old one, but is slicker, more battery-friendly and faster (which is surprising, given how fast the old one already was).

The new app is superior in many ways. We love the new smooth animations in chats. Messages will now sync quickly, even if you haven‘t opened Telegram for a long time and there’s a LOT to sync. We‘ve also improved the app’s activity in the background to ensure that all of your unmuted chats are always up to date.

Step aside — and back

The new expandable in-app notifications will help you focus on whatever you‘re doing in the app without having to ignore incoming messages. When a notification arrives, pull it down to open the relevant chat. When you’re done with the interruption, simply close it to get right back to what you were doing.

Expanded Notification

This works everywhere in the app, including when you are viewing media or reading Instant View articles.

Make every chat count

Previously, badge counters could become less useful after you've joined a group or two with 100,000 members. Today we're making private chats great again.

You can now switch the unread counter to display the number of unmuted chats with unread messages. So instead of 1001 for a thousand messages in a muted group and one very important message from your dog, your badge counter will look like this:

One Unread Chat

You can adjust this behavior in Settings > Notifications and Sounds.

When was that again?

We've improved navigation in busy chats (and elsewhere). Scroll up a little to see the date when the messages you are viewing were sent. Tap this date to go to the first message of the day in question.

The bugs are dead. Long live the bugs!

As much as we would‘ve liked to, we couldn’t port over any of the bugs from the Objective C version. All the old bugs are now gone forever — or, should we say, fixed. We might‘ve added some brand new bugs while coding the new version. But don’t worry, we'll fix those in no time. The same goes for any small features that may be missing.

Meanwhile on macOS…

You can now use swipe gestures to navigate the interfaces on Telegram for macOS. Most notably, you can swipe to reply and the chats list now works the same way it does on iOS: swipe right to Mark as Read/Unread, and left to Pin, Mute or Delete.

Swipe Left or Right for Options

Fancy MacBook Pro owners just got advanced Touch Bar support to help them send stickers and media, control buttons in alerts and pop-up windows and more.

Stickers and more on MacBook Pro

Other new features include auto-night mode settings and a photo editor to rotate and crop pictures before sending. You can also drag and drop photos, media, and documents to change the order in which they will be sent.

…And Telegram Desktop

As for our universal Telegram Desktop app, it just got a massive overhaul in the Settings department. The new layout is similar to what you're used to in our mobile apps:

Telegram Desktop Settings

The latest Telegram Desktop also features improved caching for images and GIFs, as well as new local storage settings. Go to Settings > Advanced > Local Storage to control how much disk space Telegram uses on your machine.

We've also redesigned the theme selector to make it easier to choose a day and night theme that suits you best. Remember, you can make your own themes – or check out some themes created by other users.

Pick Your Colors

And that's it for today. Stay tuned for more updates on all our platforms.

October 1, 2018
The Telegram Team

Chat Export Tool, Better Notifications and More

Today’s Telegram update brings you an easy way to save conversations on your disk. In just a few taps, you can export some (or all) of your chats, including photos and other media they contain. As a result you’ll get all your data accessible offline in JSON-format or in beautifully formatted HTML.

Data Export Results

To use this feature, make sure you have the latest version of Telegram Desktop installed on your computer, then click Settings > Export Telegram data. This tool will be particularly useful for users who have millions of messages and can’t easily access the oldest parts of their messaging history.

You can export individual chats by opening the menu in any chat and choosing Export chat history.

Exceptions in Notifications

Telegram was the first app to give its users notorious flexibility in fine-tuning how their message notifications work. Today we are taking this further by adding Exceptions to the notifications settings, where you can see which chats are excluded from the global settings you defined in Settings > Notifications.

Notifications Exceptions

Muting all chats but a few (or vice versa) has never been easier.

Improved Telegram Passport

We’ve been overwhelmed by the reception of Telegram Passport – the tool to log into third-party apps that require real-life identity. Just two weeks after its launch, Passport can be used to sign up for many services, from established sharing economy services to blockchain startups.

To name just a few projects that integrated Telegram Passport: Sum & Substance (KYC & user verification), CEX.IO and Xena (cryptocurrency exchanges), CryptoPay (wallet), YouDrive (carsharing), Profi and Worki (job marketplaces), Minter Network and Minexcoin (blockchain startups), KICKICO, Cryptonomos and ICOadmin (ICO platforms).

Building on this success, today we’re upgrading Passport to support names in original languages and additional types of documents. We’ve also strengthened the algorithms that encrypt Passport data to better protect your data against hacking attacks coming from Telegram (however unlikely those may seem). This way we further ensure that only you have access to your private data.

Source Code and APIs

As always, you do not have to take our word on how our encryption works. The updated source code of Telegram apps reflecting all of today’s changes is available on GitHub and open for everybody to review. If you are a developer of a service that requires identity verification, make sure you check out these docs explaining how Telegram Passport can be integrated into your app.

August 27, 2018
The Telegram Team

Introducing Telegram Passport

Our digital lives are getting closer and closer to the real world, and the number of services that need to know your real-life ID increases accordingly. Before today, this meant you had to upload the same document scans over and over for each new app. No more!

Meet Telegram Passport – a unified authorization method for services that require personal identification. Upload your documents once, then instantly share your data with services that require real-world ID (finance, ICOs, etc.).

Protected by End-to-End Encryption

Your identity documents and personal data will be stored in the Telegram cloud using End-to-End Encryption. It is encrypted with a password that only you know, so Telegram has no access to the data you store in your Telegram passport. When you share data, it goes directly to the recipient.

Sharing Data with an App

In the future, all Telegram Passport data will move to a decentralized cloud.

Try It Now

If you'd like to see a real-life implementation of Telegram Passport, head over to – the first electronic payments system to support registration and verification with Telegram Passport.

You can also try out how Telegram Passport works using this page to request data.

Please note that you need the latest version of Telegram to access this feature. Once you've uploaded some documents, you will see your data in Settings > Privacy & Security > Telegram Passport (on iOS: Settings > Telegram Passport).

Connect Telegram Passport

All developers are welcome to integrate Telegram Passport into their apps and services free of charge. It takes minimum effort and can save many hours of coding.

If you are building a service that requires real-life ID, check out the API docs for SDKs and examples.

Stay Tuned

In the future, we will be adding third-party verification for Telegram Passports. This way, services won't even need to request the data itself, instead relying on the fact that the Telegram account was approved by a verification provider and the person is real.

July 26, 2018
The Telegram Team

Replace Media, Share vCards, Mark as Unread, 2X Voice Messages, and More

Telegram 4.8.3 for iOS and 4.8.10 for Android are out today, bringing several nifty features and improvements.

Replace Media and Add Captions

Sending the wrong picture by accident is rarely fun. On Telegram, it was already possible to delete the message for everyone and send a new one instead. Now you can just replace photos or videos with the correct versions right away:

Start editing the message, then tap the paperclip button to replace the attached media. You can also add captions to photos or videos that didn't have one.

Double-Time Playback for Voice and Video Messages

You'll like this one if your friends enjoy sending long and thoughtful voice notes. From now on, you can switch to 2X playback and hear people get to the point faster.

Works with voice and video messages

We‘ve spent a few extra hours to ensure that your friends don’t sound like Helium-breathing chipmunks as a result. Well, most of the times.

Mark as Read or Unread

This offers a quick way to get less important messages out of the way and highlight the chats that require your future attention.

Share Detailed Contact Info

Sometimes you want to share more info about a contact than just one number. With this update, you can select what data you want to send when sharing a contact. For example, several phone numbers or other vCard fields.

Choose which fields to share

Try sharing a contact that has multiple fields with data to check this out.

One More Thing

When you open a chat from Global Search and then go back, you will return to the search results and keep your position in the list.

And Three More (on Android 💪)

Android users are getting a few extra goodies with version 4.8.10. Tap and hold on profile pictures in the chats list to preview chats:

Tap and hold on the profile picture

Use the “create link” option in the formatting menu to make text URLs:

Select some text, then tap '...'

Last but not least, it is now possible to cancel sending messages before they are sent.

And that's it for today, stay tuned for our next updates!

June 27, 2018
The Telegram Team

200,000,000 Monthly Active Users

Within the last 30 days, Telegram was used by 200,000,000 people. This is an insane number by any standards. If Telegram were a country, it would have been the sixth largest country in the world.

We owe reaching this milestone to you alone – our users. We have never promoted Telegram with ads, so all these 200 million people are on Telegram because you invited them to join.

This is why you – our users – have been and will always be our only priority. Unlike other popular apps, Telegram doesn’t have shareholders or advertisers to report to. We don’t do deals with marketers, data miners or government agencies. Since the day we launched in August 2013 we haven’t disclosed a single byte of our users' private data to third parties.

We operate this way because we don’t regard Telegram as an organization or an app. For us, Telegram is an idea; it is the idea that everyone on this planet has a right to be free.

Above all, we at Telegram believe in people. We believe that humans are inherently intelligent and benevolent beings that deserve to be trusted; trusted with freedom to share their thoughts, freedom to communicate privately, freedom to create tools. This philosophy defines everything we do.

This was the reason why Telegram became the first messaging app to roll out end-to-end encryption to tens of millions of users in 2013. This was also the reason why Telegram became the first mainstream messaging app to fully open source its client code, and why Telegram became the first popular messenger to provide 100% open APIs for third party app and bot developers.

Over the years, our unconditional trust in people allowed us to do things other apps were hesitant to implement; things such as support for insanely large group chats, unlimited broadcast channels and a free user-generated sticker platform. In all these cases, our belief in people yielded extraordinary results, and users put these tools to great use.

What inspires us most is that, judging by the rapid growth of Telegram’s popularity, this belief might be mutual. While we unconditionally believe in people, it turns out 200,000,000 humans also believe in us.

Thank you for this – we will always have your back.

March 22, 2018,
Pavel Durov